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<!--020080902013741-->Brooklyn Academy - 'Bored Of Education' [CD]
<!--020080902013741-->Brooklyn Academy - 'Bored Of Education' [CD]
<!--020080902013741-->Brooklyn Academy - 'Bored Of Education' [CD]
<!--020080902013741-->Brooklyn Academy - 'Bored Of Education' [CD]

Brooklyn Academy

Bored Of Education



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When it comes to top drawer lyricism and neck snapping beats, the names Pumpkinhead, Mr. Metaphor, and Block McCloud ring out like a shot. From their head turning appearances at Lyricist Lounge to their performances on the international circuit to their much loved singles and mixtapes, the three emcees have built an army of fans hungry for authentic rap music. Together as Brooklyn Academy, the trio represent a return to the original aesthetics of hard core hip-hop. Bored of Education, the group's full length debut, is the culmination of a career at the forefront of the lyric driven hip-hop movement. A collective of emcees who have been holding down the microphone for over a decade each, Brooklyn Ac approach their craft with a love of the fundamentals of rap music rarely seen in the age of million dollar ringtones. For the fans who have been following their career from the first drum hit, at long last, the wait is over.
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