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<!--2016040139-->Buddha Monk - 'Unreleased Chambers' [CD]
<!--2016040139-->Buddha Monk - 'Unreleased Chambers' [CD]
<!--2016040139-->Buddha Monk - 'Unreleased Chambers' [CD]
<!--2016040139-->Buddha Monk - 'Unreleased Chambers' [CD]

Buddha Monk

Unreleased Chambers



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From 1993 until his tragic death in 2004, the late great rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard led what was one-third of the now legendary Wu-Tang Clan dynasty of affiliated artists. Behind the scenes was producer/artist/engineer Buddha Monk, Ol' Dirty's right-hand man, organizing sessions, producing tracks, and getting Dirty from place to place, holding it all together. Fans never got to hear much from the mysterious Brooklyn Zu Family. Buddha Monk has finally agreed open his vault and unleash the fury of these never-before heard songs that harken back to the crew's most classic period. Featured on this album are none other than Ol' Dirty Bastard himself; Brooklyn Zu ft. 12 O'Clock, Murdoc, Shorty Shitstain; Lil Vicious; Da Manchuz; Shyheim; Prodigal Sunn; Freemurda; Shacronz; Lazah Life; & Zu Ninjaz. Producers include Buddha Monk, Mozart, & Lord Finesse.
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