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<!--020050920016780-->Cage - 'Hell's Winter' [CD]
<!--020050920016780-->Cage - 'Hell's Winter' [CD]
<!--020050920016780-->Cage - 'Hell's Winter' [CD]
<!--020050920016780-->Cage - 'Hell's Winter' [CD]


Hell's Winter



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Definitively one of the hottest albums of 2005. With 'Hell's Winter' say goodbye to the old Smut Peddler of Eastern Conference Records and witness the rise the new and improved Cage Kennylz of Def Jux. With masterful production from El-P, Camu Tao, RJD2, Blockhead, DJ Shadow, and DJ Pawl, the Weathermen president's new tracks reveal a more mature and focused Cage honing his lyrictricity while eliminating the word 'bitch' completely from his repertoire. Years after 'Agent Orange' and a million dippies later, Cage has cleaned himself up and released something on par with Jux classics Fantastic Damage and Labor Days. Straight bangers include the stellar RJD2 cut 'Shoot Frank' featuring Daryl Palumbo (Glassjaw and Head Automatica), the title track with some ill production from El-P, and the Weathermen posse cut 'Left it to us' with El, Aesop, Tame-1, and Yak dropping bombs over a dope Camu beat. Cop the limited while you still can and score the instrumentals as a bonus.
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