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<!--020050101009807-->Campbell Brothers - 'Can You Feel It?' [CD]

Campbell Brothers

Can You Feel It?



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In 2001 ropeadope enlisted the support of John Medeski to produce a recording featuring a then unknown guitar player named Robert Randolph. The Word, went on to spawn a career for Mr. Randolph, while introducing the world to the obscure (yet extremely deep) genre that is Sacred Steel Music - a form of gospel that puts the pedal steel guitar front and center as the instrument of choice.
In 2005 ropeadope brings back John Medeski, this time to produce a recording by the Campbell Brothers, the sacred steel group from Rochester, NY known not only for giving Robert his first guitar, but for their living legend in the House of God Church where they spent every Sunday for the past 25 years whipping worshipers into ecstatic frenzy.
"Can You Feel It?" - is a three guitar-gospel-rock assault that bridges the gap between church and state featuring covers (Otis Redding), vocals (from gospel queen Denise Brown) collaborations (with Medeski) and the divine (amazing grace). It is the tie that binds the blues to gospel and rock to roll. It is "the very bright light that shines through our hearts and transcends religion, race, color or creed, leaving the listener transported to a wholly different mental and physical space that may very well be called 'the promised land'." (Billboard). Can you feel it? Take a listen, you surely shall.
Pedal Steel - Chuck Campbell, Lap Steel - Darick Campbell, Guitar, - Phil Campbell, Lead Vocals - Denise Brown, Bass - Malcolm Kirby, Organ - John Medeski, Drums - Carlton Campbell.
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