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<!--120140610064245-->Canibus - 'Fait Accompli' [CD]
<!--120140610064245-->Canibus - 'Fait Accompli' [CD]
<!--120140610064245-->Canibus - 'Fait Accompli' [CD]
<!--120140610064245-->Canibus - 'Fait Accompli' [CD]


Fait Accompli




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It's been a while since Bis' last LP, the awesome Lyrical Law from 2011, and its been quiet in terms of music from the Ripper, until his appearances in Almighty LP, and now more in the form of his 15th studio album, Fait Accompli, which is released on June 10th 2014. Having been privileged enough to contribute to the LP and hear it in total, I am very pleased, as a career-long fan, and good friend of the GOAT MC to be able to report back to the fans who are hungry and eager to hear this new work.

If I had to describe it in terms of previous releases, I'd say its something akin to a solo length Defcon Zero, only upgraded in all aspects. Throw in a hint of RTJ and C of Tranquility, and You'll begin to get the sense of what he's coming with on this one. Its a serious record with apolcalyptic undertones, as he takes us on a journey of whats going on on planet earth circa 2014, and reports on the state of affairs unfolding before the populaces eyes, who can just look on, powerless as havoc is rained down upon them from all angles. It reminds Me of a Terminator movie on acid, with befitting beats throughout and vivid potent rhymes delivered with intent in the form of tight schemes, and I believe everyone who has taken the journey with Bis as he has evolved as an elite-level artist will be pleased with what they get on this one coming from one of the best emcees to ever touch the mic.
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