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<!--2006071125-->Chamillionaire - 'The East Coast Shake Down' [DVD]


The East Coast Shake Down


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Scarface, UKG, Lil Flip, Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Slim Thug... these are just a few names that have blessed the world with southern hospitality. Now with over 700,000 records sold Chamillionaire is Houston's new 'mixtape messiah' and Littles brings Chamillionaire right into your home on "The East Coast Shake Down" DVD. These exclusive, never before seen videos give you an inside look at Chamillionaire's Fly Rydes shop...22's and better sitting on more candy paint then 50 Cent's candy shop! Walk with Chamillionaire as he tells it like no other. From passing out flyers for other artists, to pressing his own CDs up, hitting the road, to becoming Houston's new 'track wrecker'. Chamillionaire runs the South. Now sit back as he shows and proves why he's next to run the East!
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