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<!--020080930016165-->Chandra - 'Transportation EP' [(Black) Vinyl EP]
<!--020080930016165-->Chandra - 'Transportation EP' [(Black) Vinyl EP]
<!--020080930016165-->Chandra - 'Transportation EP' [(Black) Vinyl EP]
<!--020080930016165-->Chandra - 'Transportation EP' [(Black) Vinyl EP]


Transportation EP

Black Vinyl

Vinyl EP Record


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In a way, Chandra Oppenheim was the anti-starlet. Everyone from Andy Warhol to Mary Tyler Moore recognized the immense potential in this precocious pre-teen singer-songwriter. However, Chandra was neither unassuming nor pocket-sized-the way young prodigies are most often received. Moreover, her captivating childhood musings were set to a soundtrack of discofied post-punk: a dissident, distorted, and off-the-radar genre being shaped at the height of her fame by artists at least a decade her senior.

In 1980, when the Transportation EP was released, Chandra was twelve years old. The daughter of a visual artist, Chandra's unrefined talent was exposed at her father's parties where she eventually met the Model Citizens. What followed was a legitimate lo-fi fairy tale; the grown ups provided a post-punk sea of abstract, angular dance music and Chandra's words and voice set sail.

This rare gem of a rerelease captures a magical moment in music; Chandra does more than pantomime a form of expression assumed to belong to people older than her. Her authoritative voice and earnest lyrics take control for the opposite of a preadolescent confession, but an insistent siren call to people of all ages, tempting them to challenge the notion of growing up. This package includes four previously unreleased tracks recorded by the Chandra Dimension, her all-teen band, as well as an informative booklet that includes biographical information, rare photographs, and early flyers.
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