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<!--120110823036371-->City Slick - 'The Money And His Fool' [CD]
<!--120110823036371-->City Slick - 'The Money And His Fool' [CD]
<!--120110823036371-->City Slick - 'The Money And His Fool' [CD]
<!--120110823036371-->City Slick - 'The Money And His Fool' [CD]

City Slick

The Money And His Fool




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Decay and Fluent are founding members of the veteran hip hop collective, Green Llama Movement. Decay hails from Chicago, IL, and Fluent from Akron, OH. Decay and Fluent met online and sent music files back and forth as they worked toward a project of their own, "Decay & Fluent Are City Slick: The Antique Black," a side project created entirely through digital means. He and Fluent, to this day, still haven't met in person.

The attention garnered from that release led to Decay signing with Molemen Records to release his solo record. Fluent would go on to release several projects including the cult classic team-up with fellow Green Llama, Selfish, for "First Toke" under the Uncut Raw moniker.

In the time between, City Slick have been patiently crafting an album full of emotion and meaningful messages. Decay and Fluent have completed their follow-up album, "The Money and His Fool," continuing their dirty sound of Hip Hop. Pure, angry, and uncompromising, their best work yet.
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