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<!--120120904048024-->Clark - 'Fantasm Planes' [(Black) Vinyl EP]


Fantasm Planes

Black Vinyl

Vinyl EP Record



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  • Sep 04, 2012
  • Electronic
  • 801061933319
  • WARP333LP
  • 8.6 oz
  • new (we only sell new items)
  • Warp Records
Chris Clark has been on a journey. The adventure started three years ago after the release of previous album Totems Flare. He recorded Iradelphic in Australia, Berlin, Wales, Brussels, Cornwall, Norway and London using a diverse range of tools - from the vintage to the cutting edge modern.

A producer known for his dark, heavy techno-derived sounds on the Warp roster, Iradelphic saw a transcendence to Clark's most accessible album to date, with first time mentions in NPR and Spin magazine. Clark stood up from the drum machine, computer and keyboard to learn piano and guitar.

Taken from the Iradelphic sessions Clark announces the Fantasm Planes EP, a six track 12" releasing September 4th. A counterpart to Iradelphic featuring variations on album tracks as well as completely unheard gems, one of which is the title track which was premiered on KCRW in June.

Fantasm Planes sees Clark exploring the harder, more dancefloor orientated side of his work, which coincides with his live sound to be showcased across the US this September.
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