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<!--2014012826-->Clouded Slum - 'Atlas Grammar' [CD]
<!--2014012826-->Clouded Slum - 'Atlas Grammar' [CD]
<!--2014012826-->Clouded Slum - 'Atlas Grammar' [CD]
<!--2014012826-->Clouded Slum - 'Atlas Grammar' [CD]

Clouded Slum

Atlas Grammar



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  • Jan 28, 2014
  • Electronic
  • 885007459422
  • HNR027CD
  • 3.0 oz
  • new (we only sell new items)
  • HiPNOTT Records
  • Clouded Slum
HiPNOTT Records kicks off 2014 with its first instrumental album release, Atlas Grammar by NYC producer Clouded Slum.

Influenced by the style of producers such as Flying Lotus and Blue Sky Black Death, Atlas Grammar takes the listener's ears on a journey through space and sound. With production that is dreamy and eccentric, Atlas Grammar will allow your mind to escape the focus of reality and target your inner Zen.

About Clouded Slum:
Clouded Slum is a 24 year old New York City based producer who began producing in college after developing an obsession with hip hop music. Having grown up playing guitar, bass, drums and more, and with influences randing from Animal Collective to Black Milk and Bill Evans, Clouded Slum is a producer who isn't afraid to make challenging, innovative music.
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