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<!--2006020751-->Coldcut - 'Man In Garage (Remixes)' [(Black) 12" Vinyl Single]


Man In Garage (Remixes)

Black Vinyl Import

12" Vinyl Single Record

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Ninja Tune has and does put out good music but at the same time it's almost like they've been puking up some of this random abstract stuff lately. Coldcut is the newest group getting a push from them. Their LP is set to drop mid February, "Sounds & Mirrors". It's got that off kilter type feel but it's not that far gone and it's easily listenable. This single stays pretty much on the path the album does in terms of trying to introduce Coldcut to a prospective audience. If you like Ninja Tune for the most part, I'd say this is pretty close to a sure shot. Notables like Daedalus and Bonobo play their part in giving "Man In Garage" the remix treatment. Three remixes not on the album in total make this an interesting pick up.
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