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<!--020100525021399-->Collective Efforts - 'Freezing World' [CD]
<!--020100525021399-->Collective Efforts - 'Freezing World' [CD]
<!--020100525021399-->Collective Efforts - 'Freezing World' [CD]
<!--020100525021399-->Collective Efforts - 'Freezing World' [CD]

Collective Efforts

Freezing World



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In a genre oversaturated with thugs, goons and auto-tune, Collective Efforts continues to stay true to their musical roots. Over the past five years, the CE Crew has made its mark on the Atlanta music scene and beyond by delivering timeless classics to listeners desperate to find a silver lining on the dark cloud of commercial rap.

On their most recent effort, dubbed "Freezing World," CE gives us a glimpse into the ways we all struggle to survive and be happy. The general vibe of the album is hopeful yet melancholy, filled with lyrical and sonic overtones that paint a dark picture of the group struggling to do their best to stay afloat in a world full of fading dreams, broken promises and musical disillusionment. The CE crew provides the majority of the production, but the album includes one soon-to-be-classic track produced by Diamond D, the rap veteran best known for his part in the Diggin' in the Crates Crew. The song, "I Get Down," complements the overall mood of the album perfectly. "It's an honor working with Diamond D," offers J-Mil. "He is, in my mind, a true living legend."

With sprinkles of live instrumentation and soulful melodies offset by hard-driving rhythms, each MC who blesses the project brings their own unique insight and character to the unfolding story that is their life's work to date. "All we can do is just keep on making the music," says Ben Hameen. "It can be a cold world out there, but there is something burning inside of us, and when we make that connection and put it all together something magical happens, and I'm proud to be a part of it." Collective Efforts brought Medicine to many hip hop heads in need, and with their latest offering they're sure to heat up this Freezing World.
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