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<!--020101130024222-->Copywrite - 'The Life And Times Of Peter Nelson' [CD]
<!--020101130024222-->Copywrite - 'The Life And Times Of Peter Nelson' [CD]
<!--020101130024222-->Copywrite - 'The Life And Times Of Peter Nelson' [CD]
<!--020101130024222-->Copywrite - 'The Life And Times Of Peter Nelson' [CD]


The Life And Times Of Peter Nelson



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The last two years have seen Copywrite grow in technical and creative skill they have also seen Copywrite at his lowest. Tragedy and loss struck Copywrite first with the loss of his longtime friend and creative partner Camu Tao, then his Mother and most recently the loss of his Grandfather. It was Copywrite's full intention to completely open up his life and put out everything in his music and the result is something that is so honest and direct that comes across as shocking. In order to be able to fully develop his messages and concepts Copywrite went to his long time collaborator RJD2 who produced two tracks on the record. Copywrite would also look towards producers Illmind, Twiz the Beat Pro, DJ Rhettmatic, Surrock, Khrysis, Camu Tao and mega house producer Josh Gaberial. Copywrite would also reach out to the best working artists out today including Crooked I from Slaughter House, Dilated Peoples, Sean Price, Planet Asia, Middle Distance Runner, MF Grimm, and MHz. This album shows that Copywrite is making some of the best music out today and all genres will respect his new vision.
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