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<!--120120124039602-->Crookers - 'Dr. Gonzo' [CD]


Dr. Gonzo




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Dr. Gonzo is the brand new album from Italian two-piece Crookers aka Bot & Phra. Working with producers from across the world, this album sees Crookers returning to the fun club sounds that they first took over the world with back in 2008 - "Knobbers", the Mad Kids EPs and later their game changing remix Kid Cudi's "Day N Nite." Rather than just ducking back to that style though, Crookers have brought in a host of top notch production guests, combining their tech house bangers with bunch of new styles. Carli of the Swedish group Savage Skulls has been one of our Mad Decent favorites for a long time, and he his hand in a bunch of tracks here. We also get features from French champions Surkin & Bobmo, Style of Eye, His Majesty Andre & Lazy Ants and Neoteric & Wax Motif.

"Hummus" might be the biggest, most straight ahead record on the album and has been getting official support across the board from DJs like Bart Bmore, Diplo, Drop The Lime, Bloody Beetroots and Switch. But checkout any of the singles, "Bust Em Up", "Gonzo Anthem", "That Laughing Track", "Wake App"- these are high powered cuts and wildly different than anything else out there. The number of guests actually keeps the whole album highly listenable - the Crookers blueprint is maintained throughout the album for a consistent feel, while the variation of guest producers keeps things running fresh and creative. As Crookers have stated, with Dr Gonzo they wanted to make this record all about the, and they've definitely come with the crazy experimental anthems here.
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