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<!--2008042939-->David Rodigan - 'Real Authentic Reggae' [CD]
<!--2008042939-->David Rodigan - 'Real Authentic Reggae' [CD]
<!--2008042939-->David Rodigan - 'Real Authentic Reggae' [CD]
<!--2008042939-->David Rodigan - 'Real Authentic Reggae' [CD]

David Rodigan

Real Authentic Reggae



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  • Apr 29, 2008
  • Reggae
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By the age of 15, David Rodigan was DJing at school dances and youth clubs. The infectious, crazy back-beat of Jamaican Ska first captivated him as a teenager in the mid 60's; it was a driving, energetic sound which he found impossible to resist. When the pace cooled down and condensed into Rock Steady David was equally enamoured because the sweet, aching vocal style of Jamaica's young stars could be heard to full effect. He has chosen a collection of tracks which encompass the positive aspects of real authentic reggae; essential, classic recordings, some of which have become gloriously obscure antiquities whilst more recent hits are also embraced.
These songs will bring to you the magic of a unique, inspiring music which took life in the bustling dancehalls of Jamaica 50 years ago.
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