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<!--2013082733-->DB Tha General - 'No CB4' [CD]

DB Tha General

No CB4


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Hailing from the notorious neighborhood of East Oakland, CA, DB Tha General has been able to amass a solid following within the Bay and outside. While dropping a bevy of free content to the internet via mixtapes and videos, he is set to release his latest project for the masses entitled, NO CB4. A nod to the early 90's movie, CB4 and the often times fake gangsta rappers that inhabit the world of Hip Hop, DB decided to craft an album that calls out fake "studio gangsters". His style is comparable to Lil' Boosie and he is often referred to as "King of Oakland" or "Lil' Boosie of the Bay" which comes from his captivating vocal timbre.
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