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<!--020110118026676-->Debo Band - 'Flamingoh (Pink Bird Dawn) EP' [CD]
<!--020110118026676-->Debo Band - 'Flamingoh (Pink Bird Dawn) EP' [CD]
<!--020110118026676-->Debo Band - 'Flamingoh (Pink Bird Dawn) EP' [CD]
<!--020110118026676-->Debo Band - 'Flamingoh (Pink Bird Dawn) EP' [CD]

Debo Band

Flamingoh (Pink Bird Dawn) EP



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With a reverence for the vintage sounds of 1970s Ethiopian pop and a fresh approach all their own, Debo Band offers an exciting live show full of the searing horns, crooning vocals, and slinky funk grooves that brought renown to the Ethiopiques series.

Since forming in 2006, this Boston-based collective of eleven members has made two pilgrimages to East Africa -- with accordions, tubas, saxophones, guitars, and drums in tow. Along the way, Debo Band has struck up collaborations with traditional Ethiopian artists, played major African music festivals, and is currently working with a filmmaker on a documentary about their escapades.

Flamingoh (Pink Bird Dawn) is Debo Band's debut EP release of live tracks recorded in three locations: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Zanzibar; and Cambridge, Massachusetts. The tracks feature the smooth vocals of Debo's own Bruck Tesfaye and the powerful female vocals of guest Selamnesh Zemene. Bass-heavy, brazen, and dense, these psychedelic tracks will quickly become favorites to fans of soul, Afrobeat, and funk - and leave them wanting more.
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