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<!--120100209019667-->Dessa - 'A Badly Broken Code' [CD]
<!--120100209019667-->Dessa - 'A Badly Broken Code' [CD]
<!--120100209019667-->Dessa - 'A Badly Broken Code' [CD]
<!--120100209019667-->Dessa - 'A Badly Broken Code' [CD]


A Badly Broken Code




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Dessa's most important hip-hop instruction happened in a parked car. Stef Alexander, aka P.O.S. pounded out a lunch table beat on the hood of his Festiva, shouting his direction through the passenger window, "Good, now try it again louder."

Now 28 years old, Dessa is a member of the Doomtree crew-Minneapolis' ascendant hip hop collective of rappers, producers, and DJs. The group of nine friends has earned a national reputation for the irrepressible live shows, propulsive production, intelligent lyrics, and their ferociously DIY aesthetic. As a member of Doomtree, her work has attracted a ferociously dedicated fan base, held the #1 spot with CMJ, and appeared on Billboard's Heatseekers chart. She has earned praise for her range as a thoughtful songwriter, a fierce emcee, and a singer with an expressive alto voice. A Badly Broken Code is Dessa's eagerly anticipated full-length album.

The varied sound palette of A Badly Broken Code is unified by Dessa's inimitable style as a lyricist. Tenderness, wit, and poetic sensibility define her songwriting and every track on her full length reaffirms her position as one of the most capable lyricists in underground hip hop.
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