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<!--2012061216-->Diplo - 'Express Yourself EP' [CD]
<!--2012061216-->Diplo - 'Express Yourself EP' [CD]
<!--2012061216-->Diplo - 'Express Yourself EP' [CD]
<!--2012061216-->Diplo - 'Express Yourself EP' [CD]


Express Yourself EP


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Unbounded, genre-mashing DJ, producer and industry juggernaut DIPLO is excited to release his first proper EP, Express Yourself, on his own Mad Decent label. The six-song recording from the man who makes up one half of the bombastic duo MAJOR LAZER is a product of the artist's fearless endeavors of exploring and unearthing new music from around the world. Each cut features collaborations with artists he's met along his travels.

The EP's title track, which also serves as its first single, marks Diplo's first foray into the maddening beats and booty-popping sound of New Orleans Bounce featuring hometown hero NICKY DA B. Others feature DATSIK & SABI, FLINCH & MY NAME IS KAY, ELEPHANT MAN & GTA, BILLY THE GENT & LONG JAWNS, and LAZERDISK PARTY SEX.
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