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Dissizit! x 123Klan

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  • DISS13759MTS
  • 17.0 oz
  • White
  • new (we only sell new items)
  • Dissizit!
  • Slick; 123Klan
- 100% Cotton.

123Klan is a creative studio founded in France in 1992 by Mrs. Klor and Scien. We are currently based in Montréal, specializing in new strategies and tendencies. We offer creative consulting, art direction, branding, illustration, toy design, character design, and conferences. We also do graffiti, drink alcohol, smoke ganja, sell drugs, knives, machine guns, uranium and kidneys, as well as many endangered pets, like koalas, seals and dolphins. (Dead or alive. Rare or "a la plancha", depends how you like it...)