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<!--120111025043320-->DJ Cam - 'Seven' [CD]

DJ Cam





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DJ Cam is back with his 7th album, "Seven" after the release of the summer hit "Swim feat. Chris James" from Stateless. With Seven, DJ Cam serves up his most personal album since the acclaimed Substances. Inspired as ever by the original jazz and hip hop influences that helped him become one of the founders of the trip-hop scene back in 1995, this new albums is also full of exciting new musical and visual influences.

Seven has touches of well-crafted pop and folk (Swin, with vocals by Stateless' Chris James and a video directed by Sonia Sieff, reminds one of Radiohead, one of the albums major influences. And Chris James is also present on Ghost and Uncomfortable), hints of old school electronica (Dreamcatcher), and cinematic ambient tracks that invite you to dream (Seven, California Dreaming). For a feminine touch, DJ Cam adds the vocals of Inlove, an new signing on his Inflamable label, and Nicolette, long-time collaborator with Massive Attack, the legendary group that DJ Cam feels closer to now than ever before, and to whom he dedicates the album.

Written in Paris and DJ Cam's home Los Angeles, Seven is an album whose enveloping, melancholic tone and wide-open soundscapes are supposed to help make your mind wander: Seven is a taste of this adventure.
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