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<!--020110628032510-->DJ Editkut w/ Stedy Serv - 'Deep Devastators' [CD]
<!--020110628032510-->DJ Editkut w/ Stedy Serv - 'Deep Devastators' [CD]
<!--020110628032510-->DJ Editkut w/ Stedy Serv - 'Deep Devastators' [CD]
<!--020110628032510-->DJ Editkut w/ Stedy Serv - 'Deep Devastators' [CD]

DJ Editkut w/ Stedy Serv

Deep Devastators



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  • Jun 28, 2011
  • Hip Hop & Rap
  • 633914027827
  • G4ER002CD
  • 2.8 oz
  • new (we only sell new items)
  • G4E Records
  • DJ Editkut
DJ Editkut and Stedy Serv are two power-schooled B-Boy MCs with skillful rap flows complemented by truck booming beats. Check out the new 2011 CD release on G4E Records titled Deep Devastators!

"Deep Devastators" contains 16 full-length rap songs written by DJ Editkut and Stedy Serv. DJ Editkut produced all of the beats on this CD, as well as providing a heavy dose of the lyrical work. Distinctively, DJ Editkut is rocking his rhymes on this set with a fresh style. These recordings grandstand his lyrical skills on the mic and showcase why DJ Editkut is most definitely "King of the Beats". "Deep Devastators" is not a producer's album; it is a new rap recording with a timeless and classic sound.

Stedy Serv, the craftsman behind the classic Chicago hit "You Know The Time", has been writing rap music with DJ Editkut since the late nineties. His lyrical contributions on the "Devastators" CD lay bare why he is still Chicago's original B-Boy MC and rap songwriter. Stedy Serv presents many power moves with his wordplay on this album. No doubt you will be reminded by this "Game 4" release who is the "King of the Lines"... the title of one of the songs on this original rap masterpiece.

"Deep Devastators" will take you on a ride to the future of rap music that is always new, always fresh!
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