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<!--020080826014540-->DJ I-Dee - 'Solitude' [CD]
<!--020080826014540-->DJ I-Dee - 'Solitude' [CD]
<!--020080826014540-->DJ I-Dee - 'Solitude' [CD]
<!--020080826014540-->DJ I-Dee - 'Solitude' [CD]

DJ I-Dee




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A prodigy in the world of scratch music, DJ I-Dee, also known as Isaac DeLima, is constantly searching for new and innovative ways to blur the lines between genres. Growing up in the suburbs of Washington DC, I-Dee began his career in the mid nineties at the tender age of 10. Beginning battling in 2002, I-Dee won numerous regional titles up and down the East Coast which sparked ears to open as he was slowly beginning to become a force to be reckoned with.

Ultimately, he solidified his name in 2006, at the age of 19, by winning the DMC USA, Scribble Jam and Gong World Supremacy titles in 6 months. No other DJ has accomplished such a remarkable act within a short period of time. With nothing else to prove, he was ready to leave behind the battle scene and elevate his DJ career to a new level.

DJ I-Dee marks himself as a turning point in the next wave of turntablists to come and has perhaps tapped into the formula towards bringing the art form into a much larger forefront with his debut album. "Solitude" connects with listeners on a musical level that's not strictly catering to hip-hop or turntablism fans, but more importantly, lovers of all genres. I-Dee's personality is humorously transcribed on wax through cuts and scratches by bringing a sense of nostalgia with his style of producing, while still maintaining a new, enriched sound. "Solitude" features guest appearances by Royce Da 5'9", C-Rayz Walz, Ill Insanity, Tamu and Rites of Ash.
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