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<!--020130226054155-->DJ Muro - 'King Of Diggin': Diggin' OST' [CD]
<!--020130226054155-->DJ Muro - 'King Of Diggin': Diggin' OST' [CD]
<!--020130226054155-->DJ Muro - 'King Of Diggin': Diggin' OST' [CD]
<!--020130226054155-->DJ Muro - 'King Of Diggin': Diggin' OST' [CD]

DJ Muro

King Of Diggin': Diggin' OST




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One of Japan's greatest DJ/producer/record diggers is featured compiling, editing & mixing various Japanese cult movie soundtracks.

A major fan of and acknowledged authority on "Blaxploitation" film and soundtracks, Muro took advantage of a rare opportunity to cull from a rich library of film scores & background music used in Japanese cult films released 1969-1978 to make this mix. The original films were influenced by Shaft, Sweetback, Superfly, Blackbelt Jones, and the like, and the scores and incidental music mirror the slightly campy swagger that the genre became known for.

It has been six years since Muro's last commercial (officially licensed) release available outside Japan, the "Kings of Diggin'" (2006) split with Kon & Amir on BBE.

Since his days as a member of DJ Krush's crew in the early 1990's, Muro has become a celebrity in Japan, complimenting his DJ fame with an internationally successful clothing line (KING, INC.) and a lifestyle shop in Tokyo (Savage!). He has also released a steady stream of promotional "mixtapes" that showcase his wide ranging DJ skills and musical knowledge, with separate volumes dedicated to Funk, Samba, Disco, Michael Jackson, Roy Ayers, Hawaiian breaks, Japanese breaks, Synth, Boogie, Dub, and more.
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