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<!--120070821009632-->DJ Q-Bert - 'For Intellectual Dumasses' [DVD]
<!--120070821009632-->DJ Q-Bert - 'For Intellectual Dumasses' [DVD]
<!--120070821009632-->DJ Q-Bert - 'For Intellectual Dumasses' [DVD]
<!--120070821009632-->DJ Q-Bert - 'For Intellectual Dumasses' [DVD]

DJ Q-Bert

For Intellectual Dumasses




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  • Aug 21, 2007
  • 661987546693
  • FID001DVD
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  • Thud Rumble Records
  • DJ Q-Bert
Watching DJ Q-Bert in action is witnessing history in the making. "DJ QBert for Intellectual Dummies" is a delightful behind-the-scenes journey with one of the most influential DJs of all time. From Vestax and Apple Computer, to the Sundance Film Festival, QBert is leaving no place on the planet earth untouched by his talent, vision, dedication, and humor.
For the decades, DJ QBert and business partner Yogafrog have traveled the world and unified this young industry; sharing it, shaping it. Today they have propelled it light-years into future with the invention of the QFO... arguably the defining icon in showing the world that the turntable is a musical instrument and will continue to outsell guitars.
Woven with personal interviews and previously unseen footage, watch the eccentric life of QBert as he makes his way through the world one scratch at a time and experience the unequivocal skill one man can possess literally in his fingertips...