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<!--020080401012335-->DJ Quest - 'Questolous' [CD]
<!--020080401012335-->DJ Quest - 'Questolous' [CD]
<!--020080401012335-->DJ Quest - 'Questolous' [CD]
<!--020080401012335-->DJ Quest - 'Questolous' [CD]

DJ Quest




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DJ Quest -- the producer of the first battle-style record (Hamster Breaks), creator of the widely adopted Hamster Style, and turntablist in Livehuman -- presents Questolous. Drawing from the early-80's style of hip-hop, Questolous is the synthetic fusion between drum-machine and vinyl. DJ Quest collaborated with Dawgish, Oaty Love, and DJ T-Rock, among other underground producers. On the vocal tip, Eddie K, Bas 1, and Luke Sick graced tracks with down tempo, mid-tempo-club style, and hardcore b-boy flavors. The drum beats are thick, and the turntable techniques acrobatic. DJs will enjoy turntable tracks cooked from scratch, layered with drumming, and glazed with squelching bass-lines, blazed high-hats, and virtuoso scratch solos. Mixed with the bisque of turntable music are chunky breaks, drum loops and scratch arrangements. Rooted in the golden nectar of old-school electro, Questolous maps sonic travels to the sci-fi-retro-future. By maintaining the rawness of the old school with futuristic soundscapes and techniques, Questolous is another musical achievement from a turntablist innovator.
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