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<!--120080805014329-->Don Rimini - 'Kick 'N Run EP' [CD]

Don Rimini

Kick 'N Run EP




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Delicious Gutter is proud to present some next level blitzkrieg heat. An EP's worth of intercontinental ballistic beats and sweat-soaked hooks, captained by the new jam-master of the Paris underground. It's the Kick 'N Run EP from Don Rimini.

Rimini is the perfect artist to join Delicious Gutter. Already this summer Rimini has been blowing minds with his remix of the Young MC classic "Bust A Move". Released as a single from Delicious Vinyl's RMXXOLOGY album, it prompted to froth "Don Rimini's remix of 'Bust A Move' is nothing short of a dancefloor monster!" Did someone say dancefloor monster? Enter the Kick 'N Run EP... "Rave On" chants 'We've come to kick your ass!' with the purposeful brutality of an Ultimate Fighting Championship punch-out and the joyous butt-bumping of a sweaty French discotheque. "Hools" is a hooligan-thrashin', rave-tent-trashin' rush fit for both an intimate club crowd and huge summer festivals. "Nervous Breakdown" is a funky crack-up in audio form. And "Ohow?" with it front-burner synthesizers and four-on-the-floor beat, is simply undeniable.

Frisky Frenchman Don Rimini (aka Xavier Gassemann) has been lighting up the ghetto clubs of Paris since he was a teenager with sweaty-assed DJ sets combining the best of Hip Hop, Electro, and upstart Rock'n'Roll. Delicious Gutter, the new imprint of venerable rap label Delicious Vinyl, is masterminded by Baltimore club king Aaraon LaCrate and West Coast Boss Rick Ross. All parties involved are devoted to delivering real ill dirt. So is Don Rimini's Kick 'N Run EP... Enjoy.
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