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<!--2013021902-->Dontique - 'Live To Learn' [CD]
<!--2013021902-->Dontique - 'Live To Learn' [CD]
<!--2013021902-->Dontique - 'Live To Learn' [CD]
<!--2013021902-->Dontique - 'Live To Learn' [CD]


Live To Learn



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The debut mixtape from Dontique "Live to learn" is a project that has been in the works since Dontique Mangual early days at Sony Music in the 90s. This project features a wide variety of production including tracks with live drums, guitar, bass etc by Mike Levey. In the process of creating this album Dontique was introduced to IDE, and joined the Creative Juices roster. With production from IDE, Lord Jamar (Brand Nubian) and more, the album started to take form. "Live to Learn" is a honest take on a creative artists struggle to be heard, in the mist of enduring and persevering through lifes trials and tribulations.
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