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<!--120090804017745-->East Flatbush Project - 'First Born: Overdue (Deluxe Edition)' [CD]
<!--120090804017745-->East Flatbush Project - 'First Born: Overdue (Deluxe Edition)' [CD]
<!--120090804017745-->East Flatbush Project - 'First Born: Overdue (Deluxe Edition)' [CD]
<!--120090804017745-->East Flatbush Project - 'First Born: Overdue (Deluxe Edition)' [CD]

East Flatbush Project

First Born: Overdue (Deluxe Edition)




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Spencer Bellamy is The East Flatbush Project. Originally part of Howie Tee's "Count Disco" crew, Bellamy started out in the music biz by deejaying block parties in Brooklyn, NY throughout the 80s, and by 1989 he was making beats. Best known for the underground classic "Tried By 12" from 1996 which featured the rapper Des, The East Flatbush Project has only released top quality Hip Hop, all of which only came out on 12" vinyl and always featured excellent unknown rappers. First Born (Overdue): Deluxe Edition is a collection of the tracks that Bellemy has released over the years, along with five additional songs that never made it to wax, two remixes of "Tried by 12" that were available on a UK-only single and as an added, and very special bonus, the seldom-seen video for "Tried by 12". Along with being the founder and CEO of 10/30 Uproar Music (the label that put out all the EFBP records) Bellemy has made beats for Jay-Z, Foxy Brown, Styles P, Sauce Money, Memphis Bleek and more. There were six official 10/30 Uproar Music singles in all, and every main version from those records are featured on this compilation, including the sought after instrumental for "Tried By 12". The first release was "A Madman's Dream" backed with "Can't Hold Back" which came out in 1994, and ever since The East Flatbush Project has been a symbol of Hip Hop in its purest form: No gimmicks and no gadgets, just straight beats, straight rhythms, and a whole lotta head noddin'. That's what it's about... Enough said, other than this: All tracks produced by the one and only Spencer Bellamy.
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