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<!--2013082742-->Eddie Horan - 'I'm Gonna Speak Out' [CD]

Eddie Horan

I'm Gonna Speak Out


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  • Aug 27, 2013
  • Funk/ Jazz/ Soul
  • 901771200722
  • HDM2007CD
  • 2.7 oz
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  • HDM Records
As a member of the revered 60s/70s songwriting team Sultans Of Soul, Eddie Horan's songs have been recorded by the likes of The Jackson 5, Michael Jackson, and numerous other top recording artists. His compositions and lyrics are characterized by their ability to capture the essence of soul and funky disco with groovy melodies, soft, smooth vocals, and an overall warmth and breeziness that few other singer-songwriters have been able to mimic.

Now in 2013, HDM Records presents a definitive collection of Eddie Horan's works: I'm Gonna Speak Out. Combining old classics and previously unheard gems of Horan's catalogue, I'm Gonna Speak Out hops from mood to mood with funky cuts like "Who's Slipping Who Out The Back Door", sweet-talking crooning like "Losing You", and heartfelt balladry like "There's No One Else." For fans of Horan's brand of deep soul there's no skipping this one.
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