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<!--2011053149-->Endless Wave - 'Notes From The Compound' [CD]

Endless Wave

Notes From The Compound


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Notes From the Compound marks the first Full Length release by indie rock trio Endless Wave. In the summer of 2010 the band released the first of two records produced by Paul Q. Kolderie and Adam Taylor at Camp Street Studios in Cambridge, MA. Named after its title track, the City Walls EP found a home on the College Music Journal's Top 200 charts for 4 weeks in January of 2011, peaking at #111.

The December 2010 closing of Camp Street Studios [formerly Fort Apache Studios] was a major loss to the Boston music community as it was integral to the development of the signature sounds that launched the careers of the Pixies, Radiohead, and Morphine. Notes from the Compound was the last record finished at this historical studio.

Both albums are available courtesy of Fort Point Recordings [FP001] & [FP005]. Remixes and vinyl are expected this fall.
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