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<!--020111108047904-->Epademik - '1918' [CD]
<!--020111108047904-->Epademik - '1918' [CD]
<!--020111108047904-->Epademik - '1918' [CD]
<!--020111108047904-->Epademik - '1918' [CD]





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"1918" jumps off with the creepy "So It Begins" introduction with a narrative describing people dropping where they stood and simply dying overnight. Immediately you will start bobbin' your head to the classic west coast bounce of "All Of You" as the Dr Dre samples setting the tone within the first four bars. Everyone needs a "fuck all of ya'll" theme song at some time in their normal grind and Epademik delivers with "All Of You".

"Jesus Syndrome" is definitely a highlight of the album with it's weeping guitar riffs riding over a classic west coast bounce accompanied by strings and bells ringing in a distant right channel while Epademik speaks on being true to self. Without a doubt the movie that plays out in the "Door to Door" skit is epic and a perfect introduction to "Pass" which builds with a dark piano bassline into Epademik flipping his lyrical acrobatics high in the air like a middle finger stabbed in the eye of wack rappers.

"85 Percent" is another highlight of the album with dope production behind Epademik speaking truths that most pedestrian rappers are truly just full of shit and lying about all their "accomplishments" and trappings. What really makes "85 Percent" stand out are the arrangement flips sprinkled throughout the production along with the twists in Epademik's cadence and his comical wordplay. "Good Shit" is the best bet as a lead single from the "1918" album with dope production riding behind Epademik with Kat Williams samples driving home the point of the record. "Good Shit" really finds Epademik in his comfort zone lyrically as he slides from bar to bar with ease as he delivers what I find to be his best work on the album. "Sounds Like" is so odd with its production that I was fully expecting George Clinton would splash down with his Funkadelics. "Alzhimerz" wraps up to the "1918 album as Epademik again proclaims his disdain for wack rappers and the dumb shit they lie, boast and brag about.
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