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<!--020100316020159-->Eric Lau - 'Kilawatt V2' [CD]
<!--020100316020159-->Eric Lau - 'Kilawatt V2' [CD]
<!--020100316020159-->Eric Lau - 'Kilawatt V2' [CD]
<!--020100316020159-->Eric Lau - 'Kilawatt V2' [CD]

Eric Lau

Kilawatt V2




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Since 2006 Eric Lau has consistently been sculpting his signiture sound, powered by his love of manipulating sound in a soulful manner. Using a subtle blend of samples and instrumentation, his music spans a variety of genres and is complimented by collaborations with an extensive collective of artists.

"Kilawatt: V2" is the second of three releases from Kilawatt Music's producer series. V2 comprises of six tracks, including two vocal tracks, two exclusive beats (showsing the producers style), and two instrumental bous tracks.

V2 features an impressive collective of artists and musicians, including DC stars Muhsinah, and Oddisee, with additional instrumentation by Kaidi Tatham. Each collaboration blends seamlessly with the production and the undeniable quality remains consistent throughout!

Like its predecessor "Kilawatt: V1", only a limited amount of physical copies of "V2" have been produced, ensuring that each edition becomes a collectors item for soul fans worldwide! "V2" also features hand drawn designs by Ubiquity's own Ashkahn, drawing inspiration from Lau's production style.
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