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<!--120080506013444-->Esoteric - 'Esoteric vs. Japan: Pterodactyl Takes Tokyo!' [CD]
<!--120080506013444-->Esoteric - 'Esoteric vs. Japan: Pterodactyl Takes Tokyo!' [CD]
<!--120080506013444-->Esoteric - 'Esoteric vs. Japan: Pterodactyl Takes Tokyo!' [CD]
<!--120080506013444-->Esoteric - 'Esoteric vs. Japan: Pterodactyl Takes Tokyo!' [CD]


Esoteric vs. Japan: Pterodactyl Takes Tokyo!




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Continuing a historic and coveted twelve year career and following up 2006's critically acclaimed A New Dope, the street-tested, hipster-approved new sound of 7L & Esoteric has evolved again. The electronic fun of their last group record, (compared to Beastie Boys' Paul's Boutique by several publications including HHC), and the hellish tempest of abrasive sounds and untouched samples that defined Esoteric's "solo" studio offering Egoclapper now gives way to yet another full-length opus. No one is safe! Nuclear testing has resurrected this Jurassic Age relic and now the emcee/producer known to the U.S. as Esoteric has risen off the coast of Tokyo Bay bringing chaos, crisis, and hysteria with him. Armed only with the sounds of 70's and 80's Japanese classics, Esoteric must strike against the uncompromising forces that aim to dismember him. He calls upon Godzilla, Rodan, Force Five, Ultraman, the Shogun Warriors, early Japanese surf, punk, and electro bands, and even the Japanese Spiderman to aid him in his fight. The sound he created, which he calls "Mecha Mecha," stands as the boldest of the daring directions Esoteric has taken his music. With his recent genre-bending efforts such as A New Dope, Egoclapper, and Esoteric vs. Gary Numan, the world needed to hear how he handles the beautiful country of Japan. Much tokusatsu is brought on this feature length epic depicting one man's struggle with life as an English speaking Bostonian.
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