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<!--020110726032766-->Fabio Noble - 'Always Love' [CD]

Fabio Noble

Always Love



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  • Jul 26, 2011
  • Funk/ Jazz/ Soul
  • 801177220013
  • DJV1000030CD
  • 2.7 oz
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  • Dejavu Records
Fabio Nobile is the artist of the moment for Dejavu Records, the consecrated new Italian vocal jazz and Bossanova talent who is exploding throughout Europe with his massive debut album. Played rigorously 'live' from beginning to end, his album is a heterogeneous mixture of vocals and instruments that clash together in a beautiful jazz mood that is inspired by the sheer talent that Fabio brings to each project. The remarkable album was crafted in the studio by a massive 45 musicians and when you hear the way in which Fabio plays the drums and percussion it will knock you out!!!
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