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<!--120080304013212-->Fink - 'Distance And Time' [CD]
<!--120080304013212-->Fink - 'Distance And Time' [CD]
<!--120080304013212-->Fink - 'Distance And Time' [CD]
<!--120080304013212-->Fink - 'Distance And Time' [CD]


Distance And Time





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If Biscuits for Breakfast, Fink's debut album for Ninja Tune, signified a partial seismic musical shift for both artist and label, then Distance and Time realigns both sides of the tectonic plate. This glorious follow-up showcases Fink's sharpened knack for thoughtful songwriting that details fragmented moments full of heartache and hopeful promise, steeped in sonic palettes rich with dub, blues, folk, and acoustic soul. Armed with song templates constructed over the course of a frenetic schedule this past year (including numerous festival appearances, more than 100 shows in Europe and North America, a Zero 7 European support tour, and songwriting sessions for John Legend's upcoming album), Fink handed over production to Lamb's Andy Barlow. The resultant album is noticeably bigger and more sophisticated than its predecessor. Greater ambition in Fink's sound and songwriting is apparent on each of Distance and Time's tracks, their meteoric arrangements reminiscent of the best records within this new acoustic movement. The emotional punch and gravitas imbued in the sophisticated guitar work, rhythmic patterns, and lyrical compositions reflect tensions between fragility and resilience, fluidity and brittleness, darkness and promise--tensions that speak to the human condition and real life. Distance and Time is an honest and raw record, a testament to reflections on emotional maturity through experiences of loss, regret, and self-redemption.
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