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<!--020140419062816-->Fishbone - 'Fishbone' [(Red) Vinyl EP]



Red Vinyl Re-Issue

Vinyl EP Record


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Reissue of their classic first album, available for the first time on LP in nearly 30 years. Contains their hit singles UGLY, Party at Ground Zero, and Lyin Ass B*tch.

Fishbone's self-titled debut from 1985 sounded, at the time, totally unlike anything on the music scene. Although it only contains six songs total and their more hard-rocking direction of the future isn't yet present, it remains Fishbone's most ska-based work. By incorporating the energy and unpredictability of punk rock, however, the EP was an obviously important influence on the 1990s popular alterna-ska scene (No Doubt, Sublime, etc.). One of the band's perennial concert favorites, 'Party at Ground Zero,' is included and remains an invigorating listen years later. Other lesser-known highlights include the cutting edge sounds of '? (Modern Industry),' in which the band members shout out radio station call letters as opposed to conventional lyrics, as well as 'Another Generation.'
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