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<!--020080708014195-->Five Deez - 'Table Noise Vol. 1-3' [CD]
<!--020080708014195-->Five Deez - 'Table Noise Vol. 1-3' [CD]
<!--020080708014195-->Five Deez - 'Table Noise Vol. 1-3' [CD]
<!--020080708014195-->Five Deez - 'Table Noise Vol. 1-3' [CD]

Five Deez

Table Noise Vol. 1-3



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For the first time ever, Five Deez' famous Table Noise break beat vinyl-only series is available on CD. Compiled by Fat Jon, Pase Rock, Mr. Dibbs, and Tim Henderson, the first volume was originally released in 2000. The two follow-up LPs were put out in 2001 and 2005 respectively. The CD features original cover art by street artist legend Dalek.

Five Deez' influence comes from many different genres of music. Their sound derives from from Electronic, Hip Hop, Jazz, House, and Techno music. One of the group's major strengths is that they effortlessly move from straightforward Hip Hop to up-beat, danceable music without missing a step. Some critics have even called them the "kings of Dance-Rap." They are known for straying away from the Hip Hop norm as they have included live-instrumentation, instrumental songs, and even singing on their albums. Their beats combine the mellow, organic sound of Electronica and Trip-Hop with the "boom-bap" of Hip Hop while drawing samples from many different instrumental sources such as violins, flutes, synths, and record samples.

Pase Rock is also a member of the now infamous Spank Rock crew, gaining noreriety as a DJ for a number of celebrity parties including Jessica Simpson, Justin Timberlake, Snoop Dogg, and Larry Flynt.
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