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27 Devils




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'27 Devils', an album alive with contrasts and surprises of the sonic variety, also occupies a paradoxical territory in Flevans' career, representing a giant leap forward in creativity but also a revisiting of roots and a sense of homecoming in more figurative terms, as Flevans was originally one of the first artists on the Tru Thoughts roster way back in the early days. Attracting the label's attention initially through his innate dancefloor sensibility and talent for a tasty hook, combined with an unabashed use of eccentric and quirky samples, he produced a series of dancefloor-delighting 12"s between 2001 and 2004, which brought him considerable attention and culminated in the well-received 2004 album 'Make New Friends'. Now, having spent the intervening years DJing at some of the world's best parties including Turntables on the Hudson, the MTV Cannes Film Festival Party and The Big Chill - not to mention releasing his second album, 'Unfabulous', on Jack To Phono records in 2007 - Flevans finds himself back in the Tru Thoughts stable with a new three album deal in his pocket and by far his most accomplished work to date on the horizon.

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