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<!--2011042628-->Freebass 808 - 'Liquid Love Spacedust' [CD]
<!--2011042628-->Freebass 808 - 'Liquid Love Spacedust' [CD]
<!--2011042628-->Freebass 808 - 'Liquid Love Spacedust' [CD]
<!--2011042628-->Freebass 808 - 'Liquid Love Spacedust' [CD]

Freebass 808

Liquid Love Spacedust


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Freebass 808 captures a fresh new sound and delivers it from the outer reaches of the galaxy straight to your ears with Liquid Love Spacedust. The duo, Geechie Suede of Camp Lo and producer The Apple Juice Kid, first worked together on Camp Lo's "Stone And Rob Caught On Tape". Whereas that was a straight ahead boom bap Hip Hop outing, Freebass 808 allows the pair to expand in a different musical direction. As Freebass 808, Suede and the Kid (calling themselves Suede Heron and Apple Crack) trade in cosmic, tranced-out surrealist rap. The Kid meshes a variety of club friendly sounds into a space aged sonic collage that's perfectly complemented by Suede's creative lyricism. The single "Rewind" featuring Jovi Rockwell (Bruno Mars, Diplo, Major Lazer, Flo Rida, Mims, Akon and Ne-Yo) organically rose to internet prominence in 2010 which lead to massive club DJ spins. With Liquid Love Spacedust, Freebase 808 is ready to explode on an intergalactic basis.
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