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<!--020110816033400-->Friday - 'It's Finally Friday' [CD]


It's Finally Friday



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Debut album from rap artist Friday. The album is a mix of east coast lyricism and southern flavor bringing you a unique new sound that all hip hop fans will appreciate and enjoy. Friday is a new breed of rapper. He has the lyricism of and east coast emcee mixed with the soulful southern melodies that are common with today's current breed of hip hop. Friday sings, he raps, and he performs. He grew up in the south Bronx and went to school in Atlanta and the influences of those diverse places can be heard in the music. Friday's style of hip hop can be appreciated by fans of both lyricism and current hip hop trends. This album is the best of what hip hop has to offer. Produced entirely by 85' Boy and Thee Elite production staff. This album has direction and vision. Guest appearances by Baby Boi Nate, and Fitz.
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