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<!--120120221040794-->Galactic - 'Carnivale Electricos' [CD]


Carnivale Electricos




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Galactic was formed eighteen years ago in New Orleans; the band cut their teeth playing the biggest party in America, Mardi Gras, when the town shuts completely down to celebrate. CARNIVALE ELECTRICOS is the sound of that party, and much more. It's a carnival record that evokes the primal, electric atmosphere of a whole city vibrating together to one beat, in a seismic wave that runs from New Orleans down through the Caribbean to the southern hemisphere and the mighty megacarnivals of Brazil. To make CARNIVALE ELECTRICOS, the members of Galactic drew on the skills, stamina, and funk they deploy in the allnight party of their annual Lundi Gras show that goes till sunrise and leads sleeplessly into Mardi Gras day. Armed with a slew of carnival‐ready guests - from high‐school marching bands to 72‐year‐old Al "Carnival Time" Johnson, reworking his 1960 classic song that became the anthem of Mardi Gras - Galactic whisks the listener around the neighborhoods to feel the Mardi Gras moment in all its variety of flavors. The Brazilian influence on CARNIVALE ELECTRICOS appears in three Brazilian‐flavored instrumentals, including "JuLou," which riffs on an old Brazilian tune, even though the name refers to the brassfunk Krewe of Julu, the "walking krewe" that Galactic members participate in on Mardi Gras morning. That's the kind of connection Galactic wanted to make with Carnivale Electricos: to draw together the carnival spirit of worldwide celebration into one ecstatic, funky union.
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