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<!--2010112332-->Gangrene - 'Gutter Water' [CD]
<!--2010112332-->Gangrene - 'Gutter Water' [CD]
<!--2010112332-->Gangrene - 'Gutter Water' [CD]
<!--2010112332-->Gangrene - 'Gutter Water' [CD]


Gutter Water


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Famed producer/emcee The Alchemist and Oh No, the left-coast rapper/beatsmith are collaborating as Gangrene, to bring audiences the gritty opus Gutter Water on Decon. Over the course of three years and a myriad of emails, the two have built a project that celebrates their shared passion for dusty breaks and lurid wordplay as well as their distinctly different application of each.

On Gutter Water, both Oh No and The Alchemist share production duties while trading verses over each other's dense compositions. Both find themselves remarkably at ease amongst the threatening drums pounded out on endearing vintage equipment, flipping verses that run the gamut from literal to abstract, amounting to an incredible collection of head-nodders. A myriad of features include Raekwon, Evidence, Roc C, MED, Twins Gambino, Planet Asia and Fashawn.
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