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<!--120140128062545-->Gangstagrass - 'Broken Hearts And Stolen Money' [CD]
<!--120140128062545-->Gangstagrass - 'Broken Hearts And Stolen Money' [CD]
<!--120140128062545-->Gangstagrass - 'Broken Hearts And Stolen Money' [CD]
<!--120140128062545-->Gangstagrass - 'Broken Hearts And Stolen Money' [CD]


Broken Hearts And Stolen Money




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Blending bluegrass and hip-hop seems like an unlikely recipe for success, but don't tell that to Rench, the mastermind behind the highly successful rap'n'grass project Gangstagrass. When he was going to grade school, recess was a time of breakdancing on cardboard to RUN-DMC. But at home, the records on the stereo were Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash.

That musical mash up made a lasting impression and sent Rench on a cross-country journey to play country-flavored hip-hop in dive bars. Along the way, he experienced a car crash, a campfire sing-along with a Sasquatch family and an encounter with a UFO crewmember that had the entire works of Funkadelic on his iPod. After settling in Brooklyn, he put together Rench Audio Studios and started recording MCs. Late at night, he'd combine their tracks with samples of bluegrass, blues, and electronic beats. The result was a genre-demolishing blitz called Rench Presents: Gangstagrass. It appeared on the Internet as a free download and people took notice. When the album garnered a positive mention on the influential blog, hundreds of thousands of downloads followed creating an intense underground buzz.FX licensed a Gangstagrass track to use on a commercial for their new western crime series, Justified, starring Timothy Olyphant. When FX asked Rench to write a theme song forJustified, he had bluegrass players lay down an original track with rapper T.O.N.E-z, the younger brother of early hip-hop legends Special K and T-LaRoc. The result was "Long Hard Times To Come," the song that opens every episode of the series. He used the musicians from "Long Hard Times" on the first Gangstagrass album, "Lightning On The Strings, Thunder On The Mic".

"If you pay attention to the charts, you get an idea that there is black music and white music, but a lot of people have Hank Williams and Jay-Z on their MP3 players," Rench says. "When you get right down to it, the message of most bluegrass and hip hop songs is similar: 'I'm a badass, so don't mess with me' and 'I have the blues and life is hard."

While the future is unwritten, it's certain that Gangstagrass will go down in history as the pioneer of a sound that brought country and hip hop together and helped desegregate America's music charts. "Right now, people treat rural and urban American music like they are matter and anti-matter," Rench concludes. "I'm hoping a good dose of Gangstagrass will get people past the blue-state/red-state thing and make them comfortable with purple. I want to provide the soundtrack for a wave of cultural miscegenation that will let us all party together at last."
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