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Paul Thompson, aka Gauge, is a multi-instrumentalist from Lawrence, MA. He's been performing live since the age of 14 and has done shows in locations from Cali to London. In addition to his own performances he's also produced and played live instrumentation on records for M.O.P., Mac Miller, Termanology and many more. Now Gauge takes his experience with hip hop and love for hard rock to forge a unique blend of, what his friend Termanolgy refers to as, "heavy shit". This self-titled effort takes the listener through 18 tracks flowing as a complete concept album. The main character, an 18 year old who thinks he's got it all figured out, goes through a series of adventures, criminal and other-wise. When he finds the remains of a crashed UFO he has a rather unique experience that leads him to a rather eye opening realization. Superstah Snuk, Gutta and Term all make guest appearances but the Marilyn Mason/Reznor inspired music, every note played from start to finish, is Gauge and all Gauge.
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