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<!--020140128061980-->GDot & Born w/ EDO.G - 'Confidence Presents GDot & Born' [CD]
<!--020140128061980-->GDot & Born w/ EDO.G - 'Confidence Presents GDot & Born' [CD]
<!--020140128061980-->GDot & Born w/ EDO.G - 'Confidence Presents GDot & Born' [CD]
<!--020140128061980-->GDot & Born w/ EDO.G - 'Confidence Presents GDot & Born' [CD]

GDot & Born w/ EDO.G

Confidence Presents GDot & Born



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Hip hop legend Edo. G teams up with his apprentices Gdot & Born, Boston natives, to shine light on their story and style while also providing their own sound. All production is handled by Confidence, who's claim to fame includes "Rashad and Confidence" and "Purpose and Confidence" on Ill Adrenaline Records and produced 7 tracks on Neek the Exotic's "Hustle Don't Stop" 2012 album. This album is 14 songs deep with Gdot & Born handling about half the duties on the mic. The rest go to Edo with a stand out track dedicated to Pete Rock featuring Grap Luva and Rob-O from the almighty INI fame. Listeners get a nice chance to diversify their ears while Confidence keeps a steady stream of that authentic hip hop underneath.

Confidence, a student of the game dating back to the 90's, first got a taste of music production in the mid 90's while learning to DJ with his brother Technic. His break didn't come until 2001 when he copped an MPC 2000xl which he still uses to this day to compose masterpieces.

G. Dot & Born relay the struggle of survival in the streets with hard-hitting raw lyrics, traditional gritty street beats and a confident delivery that takes Hip Hop back to its essence. G. Dot and Born stay true to the city of Boston that raised them and 90's Hip Hop influences like J. Dilla, Sean P., Big Pun, Edo G., Kool G. Rap, AZ and Nas by embodying a humble braggadocio that only real life experiences teach you.
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