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Gilded Splinters

Cut N' Run




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"Cut N' Run," The Gilded Splinters' sophomore release, is the sound of a band who has found their voice. The voice that says, Baby, please don't go. The voice that says, Bartender, 'nother round please. The voice that says, One more goddamn song...."We wanted to get the sound of the room. The hiccups, the mistakes, all of it. We want people to feel like they're listening to a band playing together," says frontman Josh Buckley of the Boston quintet's new album, "Cut N' Run." "Everything was recorded live, in a couple of takes. We wanted to keep the energy up - just like when you're playing live," Buckley continues. "It's an integral part of who and what we are - a live rock band. Creating a record in the studio is a blast, but we are more of the get in and get out, get back on stage kind. Cut and run."

The 10-track disc, the follow-up to their 2007 release, "January," finds the band with a clear focus on their sound, a commix of city gritty and country ditty. The lead-off title track throws a sharp punch, part Stones vamp, part Wilco wizardry. Along the way, gorgeous Elton John-owed piano ballads like "Another Country's Son" mix with the more whimsical "I Was Only Taking a Nap." "When we started the band in '06, we were just trying to play together," Buckley says." I was living with our piano player, John Carbone. We liked the same music for the most part and playing together came naturally." That fall, drummer Russ Patterson joined the band and the foundation of the Gilded Splinters was laid. In January 2007, the Splinters met producer/guitarist JP Bowersock (Ryan Adams, The Strokes) at a show in New York City and went on to record their debut full-length with the esteemed guitar guru in Woodstock, NY.

"Making 'Cut N' Run' was much different than recording 'January,'" recalls Carbone. "We wanted it to be focused, but with a certain ease and not over considered. The right amount of sharp, with the right amount of blur." Over the past two years, the Splinters have toured the east coast, honed their road ready sound and added seasoned Boston sidemen Chuck Vath on bass and Jonas Kahn on lead guitar.
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