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<!--120120724046461-->Grasscut - 'Unearth' [(Black) Vinyl LP]



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  • Jul 24, 2012
  • Electronic
  • 5021392737164
  • ZEN185LP
  • 9.4 oz
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  • Ninja Tune Records
  • Grasscut
Grasscut's debut "1 Inch: Mile" was named Electronica Album of the Month in Mojo magazine and was one of the Sunday Telegraph's Top 10 Pop CDs of 2010. If that album featured a mix of songcraft and electronica, follow-up "Unearth" tips the balance towards songs. It's a more vocal record and both the legendary Robert Wyatt and Gazelle Twin contribute - alongside main vocals from Grasscut composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Phillips. "Unearth" proves once again that Phillips is a songwriter of note, truly traversing any notion of genre with seeming ease and considerable depth. Grasscut's Marcus O'Dair features on double bass; Seb Rochford of Polar Bear guests on drums.

Grasscut are uniquely concerned with place, with location, with the physicality of the world around us and how we represent that physicality through stories, poems, maps, myths and, most of all, music. "1 Inch: Mile" carried this idea in its title, a reference to map scales, and in the fact that its nine tracks were accompanied by a map of the lost Sussex village of Balsdean. "Unearth" continues and deepens this journey: it features ten songs shaped by landscape and memory, each inspired by a specific location in Britain.
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