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<!--2008081905-->Gza/ Genius - 'Pro Tools' [CD]
<!--2008081905-->Gza/ Genius - 'Pro Tools' [CD]
<!--2008081905-->Gza/ Genius - 'Pro Tools' [CD]
<!--2008081905-->Gza/ Genius - 'Pro Tools' [CD]

Gza/ Genius

Pro Tools


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One of the most renowned and continually relevant hip-hop emcees of all time, GZA returns with his long awaited fifth solo album, Pro Tools, which features guest spots from RZA, Masta Killa, Justice Kareem, True Master & many more. An original member of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan, GZA has established himself as a perennial force in hip-hop over his 13+ year solo career. Recently, GZA's contributions have driven the phenomenal success of the 2008 Wu-Tang Clan reunion album 8 Diagrams as well as two of independent hip-hop's recent flagship releases: Think Differently Music: Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture and the DJ Muggs/GZA collaboration Grandmasters.
With an entrenched and rabidly loyal fan base, "Pro Tools" marks the long awaited return of one of hip-hop's most revered and respected emcees.
True heads stand up...The Genius has finally returned.
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