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Since the release of her acclaimed 2005 debut, L.I.F.E (Living in Fearless Emotion), Southern California singer and songwriter, Havana, has been busy solidifying her name in the music industry as well as the arts. She has been building her brand by doing spot dates around the United States and has also starred in several well known stage plays (Aida, Dreamgirls, The Wiz). Her music has been played worldwide and can still be heard at your favorite retail outlet, television network and eclectic radio stations.

Havana's sophomore project, Entervention, is a concept album based on the turmoil and struggle she encountered while trying to overcome her past. The situations on this album parallel the things Havana saw growing up and her present reality. "The Entervention project involves me dealing with my past by venting my frustrations through the music. I am taking the opportunity to share more of my feelings; feelings that I haven't touched on until now,"

The tone of 'Entervention' lies in the progressive and upbeat production. Instead of seeking more traditional R&B style production, Havana, "chose to lay my vocals over high powered beats because it parallels the way I live my life...upbeat, lively and raw"

Standout tracks include 'In Touch', 'Repeat Offender', 'Nitelife' and 'Not Affected' (from Havana's side project, Match'd Frantic).

'Entervention' features production by forward thinking producers like Brook D'Leau (J*Davey), GB (Dwight Trible, Shafyq Husayn) and Trackademicks (Kid Sister, Teedra Moses).
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